product-Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Vending Machine

Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine

New Model:HCZZ1-1



Cover area0.92㎡
Max related power1100W
Working temperature0-40℃
Inside temperature2-10℃ Adjustable
One serving60 cups
Suitable orange Size60-80mm
Squeezing time35-45s
Internet4G All netcom
Payment wayWechat,Alipay,Cash,Coin,Credit card,
Operation systemAndroid

New model advantages:

1.Bowl type extraction technology, more than 50% juice rate, average cost 0.6kg for 1*350ml juice, top juice rate vending machine in the world.
2.Simple structure, less wear part and easy to operation.
3.OEM for different customer, Multi payment methods meet different market.
5.Constantly work 24*7 without break.
6.Keep fresh 24 hours a day.
7.Orange light at window looks pretty.
8.Machine temperature can adjust at screen.
9.Intelligent management system,save labour and time.
10.Life-time after sale support.

Old Model


Feeder Capacity55kg oranges
Automatic Delivery60 servings without need to replenish orange
Serving Delivery Time40-45 seconds
Orange SizeØ60-85mm
Refrigerator Temperature2-10℃ Adjustable
Payment Systems
cash, coin currency, credit card, MDB-Executive protocols

Where to place the machine?

For this business key is finding a good location with more people flow rate and have time to stop. A great location can sale about 100cups a day. Our top sale record is 461 cups a day. The most popular location are Mall, Airport, School,Hospitals,Scenic spot.


With one hand you can control "Everything"

Hengchun Self-Researched APP can work at both Andriod and Apple system.It can realized function of reading sales data,receiving alerts,inspection,sharing files and remote control.

One account can manage all the machine online.

Monitoring the daily/monthly sale figure of individual machine or all of it by using mobile phone app, wherever you are and whenever you want.

How to buy juice?

Here is the flow chart buy through Wechat or Alipay. For oversea market we can set different payment way like cash,coin,credit card for different country.


Hengchun new model: HCZZ1-1 have come out 2016, so far we have pass CQC for China market.FDA,FCC,CE,EMC and NAMA for international. NAMA is a the most famous organization for vending machine in United States. Those certification stands for our machine have no issue on safety of electric and food.

Service Assurance

Our service commitment is not a slogan but a firm action to this end, we have established enormous, systematic, and standardized service assurance system to ensure timely and proper handing of each service item.

Pre-sale service: Offering quotation, answer related question

Sale service:

1.Enjoy free training about how to running the machine, use APP, daily care and maintain.

2.Free service arrange shipment to destination.

3.After-sale service:Whole machine quality guarantee one year, life time technology support.

Why Choose Us?

4 years marketing experience designed most suitable and advanced machine for orange fresh juice.

The most class manufacture craft and QC system dedicated to make best quality machine.

Custom made order for each country and client.

OEM and flexible market strategy